Why NOW is the time to fully embrace digital marketing

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

When starting or managing a business there are a multitude of tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis. One critical task that is often left, and sometimes even forgotten about is setting up or managing an online presence.

However, in todays world, and especially since Covid-19, your customers of all ages will already be online and using the internet and social media to source and engage with companies.

There's a good chance that your customers or potential customers might already be online looking for your product or service. And, if they can't easily find you there's a pretty good chance that they are going to find one of your competitors.

According to data sourced from in the week immediately following the lockdown announcement, the weekly growth rate for online purchases for home and leisure retail went up by 200 percent compared to the same period in the previous year.

Some businesses may feel that they don’t have the time or money to be competitive or have a professional online presence. In many cases businesses wait to become established and then set up a digital marketing presence, often leaving it too late to make an impact.

However, outsourcing marketing and business development, including website, social media and search engine optimisation (SEO) allows you to focus on the day to day management of your business and allow you to leave the management of social media marketing and lead generation to expert partner.

According to the British public is embracing e-commerce with open arms. Based on their latest research, 81% of internet users in the UK have now bought a product or service online; with 45% of us now feeling comfortable purchasing items via mobile devices.

It's therefore never been more important for your business to have a professional and active online presence as the economy starts its recovery.

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